Creating The Longest Plant Based Sausage

In The History Of Humankind


The Great Vegan Sausage Project was born during the preparations for the seitan hot dogs giveaways as a part of the educational program launched by Vegan Georgia.

The project aims at promoting plant based meals, their accessibility, culinary advantages and health benefits among the Georgian society and abroad. It is to attract substantial attention of media, officials and people both in Georgia and other countries due to the hype gained in the process of production and as a result of presenting the longest vegan sausage ever made in the history of humankind โ€” 111 meters length.


According to the official record made in Guinness Book so far, the longest vegetarian sausage was produced in Germany in 2010. It had a length of 101 meters.

The board of Vegan Georgia, the first and the only NGO in Georgia focused on fighting animal exploitation in the broad sense, decided to make an event which would give a positive representation of veganism and plant based meats.

In a close collaboration with Animal Save Movementโ€™s Plant Based Treaty activists of Vegan Georgia formed a team of the project and the whole concept of the event. It will take place on the seashore of Batumi in July/August 2023. It is planned as a huge event welcoming all comers including local and national officials, journalists, popular bloggers and other influencers.ย 


  • increasing the demand for plant based meats by promoting tantalizing options and accordingly the supply and investments;
  • raising awareness about the destructive effects of animal agriculture on climate change and other planetary boundaries, and the urgent need to switch to a plant-based food system this decade;
  • supporting vegan movement building in Georgia and abroad;
  • creating useful connections between animal advocates and media, officials and active NGOs and individuals who are working on different relevant causes such as environment and human rights;
  • encouraging Batumi city authorities sign the Plant Based Treaty following the lead of such cities as Edinburgh and Los Angeles;
  • normalizing veganism and help create a healthy and respectful society where humans and non-humans can coexist in harmony;
  • engaging the tasters into filling the form answering questions about plant based meats, especially in connection with implementing vegan products in the public canteens (universities, schools, army bases, prisons etc.) and for the forthcoming negotiations with the decision makers concerning inclusion of the plant based options to the menus.


The team of the project have chosen Batumi as a location for the event as long as it is loved by tourists both from abroad and from Georgia and has a positive vibe for different kind of events normally held in summer such as musical concerts and graffiti festivals.

Batumi is the second important city in Georgia after Tbilisi and the forth by population in the country housing about 170.000 residents. It is a capital of Ajara region which annually hosts up to 2.1 million tourists.


After the official presentation and measuring the giant sausage will be cut in pieces, cooked and served for all comers as tempting seitan hot dogs for free.

Come to Batumi and be one of the witnesses of this historical event! ^_^