Exhibition For The World Vegan Day

November 6, 2023
World Vegan Day 2023 was really hot this year in Tbilisi πŸ”₯πŸ₯³πŸŒ±
First time in Georgian history the exhibition of vegan artists was opened exposing the artworks devoted to animals, their basic rights, their ongoing liberation and their unforgivable oppression. Powered by Vegan Georgia the event allowed a movement to reach a new peak in local activities.
The drawn objects were accompanied by a couple of exhilarating performances, preceded by the premiere and presentation of the vegan slasher comic strip.
And the video art had a tremendous convergence with the ascending music vibes.
The exposition will stay at Revolution Bar (Tbilisi, 9 Shalva Dadiani st.) until 12th November, so won’t miss your chance to have a look at it 🎨😻
Photo: Alexander Roygas, Luca Biani