Vegan Georgia was founded in 2015 as the first — and the only one so far — animal rights organization aimed at protecting animals of a wide spectrum of species, from dogs and cats to cows and fish, from snails and bats to elephants and minks.

We are focused not only on street activism and internet campaigning, but constantly strive to create permanent projects. Throughout our history, we have been doing our best to provide the local animal rights movement more opportunities and motivation to evolve and expand. We opened a Vegan Basement social center which gathered lots of groups and individuals to share their ideas and plan projects. We co-founded Kiwi Vegan Cafe — the first plant-based venue not only in Tbilisi, but in the whole of Georgia. We are involved in organizing an annual International Animal Rights Gathering engaging dozens of activists from different countries to participate in the biggest conference for animal advocacy in the region.

We see our main goals in:

  • education on plant-based nutrition and fundamental animal rights;
  • confronting unethical industries, enterprises and practises by actionism and campaigning;
  • legislative work and legal support for animal protection and initiatives;
  • support of plant-based venues, initiatives and events.

We are open to collaboration with other non-commercial and commercial projects willing to build a more fair, sustainable and bright future for Georgia and the world, together with us.