Unfortunately, there are many celebrations in Georgia that are accompanied by the ritual killing of animals. Animal sacrifices are cruel, unfair and anti-Christian acts that have a negative influence on the psyche of young people as well as a negative impact on the ecology. Animal sacrifices are acts of aggression and contradict the needs of a civilized world. In many countries, animal sacrifice is banned at the legislative level.

Our request is that Parliament satisfy our legislative proposal and prohibit animal killing on public spaces and sacrifices, and that it take effective steps to put a stop to this unnecessary cruelty.
For this purpose, we applied to the Parliament of Georgia with a legislative proposal with up to 700 material signatures, upon which the Parliament promised the activists that a working group would be created for this purpose. Unfortunately, a few months later, the official reply sent by the Parliament simply rejected the proposal and the promise they made. In addition to the legislative proposal, we have also prepared a multi-thousand online petition. We also appealed to the Patriarchate, but to no avail. Although the Patriarchate of Georgia unofficially condemns animal sacrifice, in many of their statements there was a direct call to sacrifice, as well as an indifferent approach to the mentioned problem, which directly contributes to the aforementioned bloody practice. Considering the great authority of the Patriarchate, they have a great responsibility to stand up to the brutal act with an official statement.

At the June 11, 2022 rally, a performance was also organized where the police illegally detained 2 activists and restricted the right to free expression and free movement, which derives from both the Constitution and the European Convention on Rights. The state recognized the activists as administrative offenders in two court instances and was limited to a warning, without the right to appeal; Which clearly represents a decision inconsistent with objective reality, which violates the right to a fair trial guaranteed by the Convention.

We fight not against the religious celebration or tradition, but against a specific bloody tradition that cruelly results in numerous innocent victims. To this end, civil activists are not going to stop until we achieve the complete elimination of this cruel practice in Georgia.

#StopAnimalSacrifice .