Future Food Is On The Way

December 8, 2023

The very active stage of the fascinating Future Food campaign focused on university canteens has quite recently started and we already feel like it’s been a long, adventuroъus trip 💫

This time decided to celebrate this fact with the plant based sushi rolls giveaways. We held a couple of them in front of Tbilisi State University and Ilia State University 🏫

We were pleased to find out that students are very keen to have more vegan options in the canteen menus: we collected dozens of signatures for the petition to the universities officials asking them to include more plant based options in the menu 👩‍🎓

Being interviewed today by Georgia Today and asked about the obstacles on the way, we answered: “We highly encourage all the students who are reading these lines and would like have this campaign launched in their university to contact us: it won’t be a complicated or a long term bothering task to help us initiating the campaign, but without your support we will not be able to arrange it. It is not always easy to approach the university, especially in terms of its canteen if you don’t have strong support at least from one student, because the changes we are suggesting cannot be brought from outside — it should be an internal initiative, and Vegan Georgia is happily assisting with making it thrive” 💚🌺

This is just the beginning, and we have a plenty of charming features and events in ranks of Future Food campaign so follow the updates, because with a little help of yours soon we will invade all the universities in Georgia✨🌱