Medical Academy Goes More And More Plant Based

December 15, 2023

As Future Food campaign advances, it brings us all pleasant surprises and astonishing milestones. We held a short presentation and a long food giveaway in Medical Academy and it was a real full house

We couldn’t even imagine that the campaign and the plant based foods that we cooked and served would be so popular. So next time we will introduce our beautiful chief cook and organize a culinary workshop

All this became possible due to the immense help of our volunteers who study in the academy and the staff who provides amazing support to for our activities. As a result not only did we give dozens of people a taste of vegan food, but we also got several pages of signatures on a petition to the university administration asking for more plant-based dishes on the menu

According to the survey which we held among the students of Academy, 60% of respondents would like to try new plant based meals, 60% would like to have more vegan options in the menu, and more than 40% would eat in the university canteen more frequently if there were plant based dishes in the menu