The Most Humane Meat Is Human?

November 2, 2023

Trick or treat? No — both of them!

Vegan Georgia held a very special Halloween action this year. We never had this kind of food giveaways before and it seemed like citizens of Tbilisi and tourists neither did.

Activists were handing people the pies with soya made by our awesome catering team, but… passerbyes were said that this is the meat of our fellow Taiwanese activist who was very devoted to the cause of animal liberation but he had the prostate problems before dying. He decided to donate his body to humans after he dies so people will eat less meat.

Recipients were also offered to donate their own body parts to the most humane vegan kitchen and even measured with the meter in order to estimate the approximate mass of meat they are capable of providing. Surprisingly enough, most of the people were refusing making this kind of donations.

The text of leaflets accompanying the giveaway is saying: “Every Meat Was Once a Person. Now You Know”.

Some people were spitting the pies when hearing about the “ingredients”, some couldn’t believe it was legal in XXI century, but fortunately some of them figured out what was going on, asking if we represented the vegan group.

It gives us all hope to think that somewhere deep inside everyone understands that there can be no humane meat otherwise it wasn’t donated by consent of the individual which quite unlikely going to happen according to this “testdrive” action we had.

Photo: Alexander Roygas